Welcome to the Snake Game.

Single Player Mode

The player controles the red snake. Let's call him Snakey. Use the arrow keys to control Snakey.

You must eat the blue food particle that will appear at random locations, while avoiding the walls, Snakey's own body and the grey snake. (Let's call her Miss Hiss).

You have 2 powers to use:

Press I to toggle between over-the-shoulder view and the normal view. You get double points for this as well. Multipliers stack, so over-the-shoulder high speed mode will give you 4x points.

Two Player Mode

To start a two player mode, all you need to do is start controlling Miss Hiss with the W, A, S and D keys to move. This will change the Non Playable Snake to a player controlled snake.

Player one still controls Snakey with the same keys as before.

The same rules apply to each player: No hitting walls, yourself or the other snake. The player who hits any of these loses. In case of a tie due to head-on collision, the player with the higher score wins.

Power-up instructions:

Snakey's Score: 0

NP Snake's Score: 0